Appreciation Course - Introduction To Non Destructive Testing


Course Code
  • 2 Days
  • N/A
Additional Information
  • N/A
Prerequisites/Entry Requirements
Who Should Attend
  • Suitable for school leavers, engineers, management and supervisory staff who require a general insight into NDT.
Course Content
  1. Manufacturing Processes and Discontinuities
  2. Liquid Penetrant Testing Principles,Processes and Applications
  3. Magnetic Particle Testing Principles,Techniques and Applications
  4. Safety Precautions When Conducting Liquid Penetrant Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing
  5. Ultrasonic Testing Principles, Equipment Calibration, and Applications
  6. Eddy Current Testing Principles, Equipment and Accessories, and Applications
  7. Radiographic Testing Principles, Film Processing, Film Interpretation, and Applications
  8. Conventional Methods Comparison