Appreciation Course - Introduction to Codes and Standards in oil and gas industries


Course Code
  • 2 Days
  • N/A
Additional Information
  • N/A
Prerequisites/Entry Requirements
Who Should Attend
  • Executives, engineers, technicians and supervisors who want to have basic knowledge and understanding of blasting and painting technologies, procedures and inspections.
Course Content
  1. Corrosion Theory
  2. Coating Conditions
  3. Surface Preparation Methods and Standards
  4. Blasting Methods and Equipment
  5. Cleaning Methods and Standards
  6. Surface Contaminants and Detection
  7. Paint Systems, Manufacture and Technology
  8. Paint Film Testing and Equipment
  9. Adhesion Test and Equipment
  10. Pinhole / Holiday Detection
  11. Cathodic Protection
  12. Painting Inspector Responsibilities
  13. Safety Precautions in Painting and Blasting Operations