Certification Schemes

Why transition to ICorr? Transition with us Course Code
  • Gain an internationally recognised certification that align with industry specification requirements across a multitude of sectors. Network, collaborate and knowledge-share within a global community of professionals and experts in the field of corrosion at organised events. Connect with industry experts and stay updated on the latest industry insights and developments to effectively address corrosion-related challenges. Enhance your professional growth and marketability in the global inspection industry by meeting on and offshore specification requirements.
  • Approved by ICorr, our user-friendly online assessment programme can be completed from anywhere in the world to transition to the ICorr scheme. Transition from: Level 1 & 2 FROSIO, AMPP, NACE, SPCC, BGAS certification schemes. Note: It is not possible to transition into a Level 3 as it is only awarded upon passing a closed book formal examination.
  • COST 375GBP