Certification Schemes

Course Code Duration Examination Additional Information
  • 11 Days including examination
  • Theory and Practical
  • N/A
Prerequisites/Entry Requirements Recommendation
Who Should Attend
  • Radiographic Testing Level I or Level II in conformance with SNT-TC-1A, EN 473 or ISO 9712
  • The ability to perform basic math calculations using a scientific calculator
  • This course is suitable for experienced Radiography operators and engineers responsible for weld inspection, who are looking to expand their current knowledge of radiographic systems and are looking at the possibility of transitioning to digital radiography.
Course Content
  • Basic Principles of Radiation
  • Principles of Digital Radiography
  • Calibration of Equipment and Measuring Tool
  • Digital Image Processing and Viewing
  • Modification of Image
  • Codes, Standards and Specifications for Digital Radiography