Certification Schemes

  • The purpose of this International Personnel Certification Schemes (IPCS) is to define RSA minimum qualification and certification requirements of Cathodic Protection (CP) personnel working on on-land metallic structure in accordance with The International Standard ISO 15257.
  • This IPCS has been developed to assist in meeting the minimum requirements for qualification and certification of personnel seeking for Cathodic CP personnel certification working on on-land metallic structure in accordance with ISO 15257:2017.

  • The Levels of CP personnel covered by this IPCS are listed in Section 6.0 as used in accordance with the applicable codes, standards, specifications and regulations referenced below.

  • Certification to this IPCS provides an attestation of general competence of the CP personnel. It does not represent an authorization to operate, since this remains the responsibility of the employer, and the certified personnel may require additional specialized knowledge of parameters such as equipment, procedures, materials and products specific for the employer.

  • Authorization to operate shall be given in writing by the employer in accordance with a quality procedure that defines any employer-required job-specific training and examinations designed to verify the certificate holder's knowledge of relevant industry code(s), standard(s), procedures, equipment, and acceptance criteria for the inspected products.
  • The CP personnel documents required include a listing of all educations, relevant work and employment.

  • The educations, relevant work and employment documentation is subject to verification by Certification Department and false information is caused to reject the application and can disqualify the applicant from testing to become a Cathodic Protection Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3.