Scheme - Institute Of Corrosion (ICorr) - Insulation Inspector Level II


Course Code
  • RSC / IIL2
  • 2 or 3 Days course (class room)

  • Theory and Practical
Who Should Attend
  • This course is designed to prepare individuals for the ICorr Insulation Inspector Level 2 examination. This course assumes all candidates hold an ICorr Painting Inspector approval (any level) and therefore have some knowledge of inspection philosophy. Some corrosion and coating knowledge is also important for the insulation inspector due to the large amount of corrosion problems which have arisen under insulation. Inspection of both thermal (hot and cold) insulation and acoustic insulation is covered and is applicable to pipework, vessels and equipment used in the gas, oil and process industries.
Course Content
  1. Quality assurance
  2. Inspection and quality control
  3. Normative documents
  4. Insulation systems
  5. Insulating materials
  6. Protective coverings
  7. Fixings
  8. Insulation design (basic)
  9. Application of insulation
  10. Scaffolding
  11. Handling and storage of materials
  12. Health and safety considerations
  13. Common problems encountered
  14. Corrosion under insulation
  15. Reporting
  16. Standards applicable