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Since its establishment in 2009, RSA Academy is focused on providing reliable certification schemes that are both nationally and internationally recognized. We offer the best training and professional development solutions customized to our clients' needs.

Our courses enable inspection personnel of all levels to perform their duties independently and professionally. Earning these qualifications from a recognized training provider ensures quality inspection and testing, thus boost competitive advantage.

Our training are conducted at our office in Kemaman, Terengganu; which is equipped with lecture rooms and laboratories for practical exercises. Alternatively, training can be delivered at your company premises.

RSA also provide extensive Level III NDT Consultancy Services which help both new and existing players; ranging from inspection planning, evaluation of collected data, constructing and reviews of NDT written practices, and professional third party witnessing. This will help in ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Expand your potentials by getting in touch with us today, where we can discuss how RSA can support your training and certification requirements, and other corporate needs.